Astrid Exclusive Wrap Skirt With Denim

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May 24 - May 28


This wrap skirt is a real eye-catcher! With a denim flag skirt design, it is perfect for summer or special occasions. The skirt is made of Denim & Cotton.

What makes this wrap skirt even more special is the fair production. The skirt is produced under fair conditions, which means that the workers are paid fairly and work under safe working conditions. So by buying this wrap skirt, you are not only supporting a unique and stylish garment, but also a sustainable and ethical production.

Overall, this colorful wrap skirt with cheerful patterns and ribbons is a real highlight for any wardrobe. It is perfect for summer, festivals or a special occasion and is sure to attract many admiring glances. Order it today and let its beauty and quality convince you!


JEP Holland