About Us

JEP Holland is a fashion brand for affordable fashion. Our range consists of versatile, trendy and high-quality fashion for the fashion-conscious woman. We offer a varied selection for every age. So you can not only buy the most beautiful dresses in different lengths from us, but you will also find trendy blouses or elegant jackets in our range. The focus is on designing and producing items that are a true addition to your wardrobe through color and design. His own for everyone! We also attach great importance to sustainability and take our responsibility for people and the environment. Fairtrade is therefore our top priority. We do our utmost to ensure that production is as transparent as possible. From ecologically responsible materials to the manufacturing of the products, we ensure that employees receive a fair wage. Another fun fact is that the name JEP is a combination of part of the two first names of the founders of JEP Holland, namely JET and PRERIT. And because the founding country is The Netherlands, we have added the name Holland for convenience. We receive a lot of feedback from our customers, which we are very happy about. Our customers are always our focus. JEP Holland's motto therefore remains: from ordering to wearing one of our products: JEP Holland makes you happy!